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After 40 years as a real estate Agent in Avalon Beach as well as an agent on the Northern Beaches and the North Shore suburbs of Sydney I have also been as buyers Agent since 1993. This has given meRetirement extensive experience in regard to the Sydney Real Estate Market.

As a local resident for over 55 years I have an extremely extended knowledge of the area. And can add that I know most of the houses in the suburb of Avalon Beach.

My childhood was spent riding my bike through the suburbs of Avalon Beach and Bilgola Plateau and watching the suburb grow over the decades.

I have seen many changes some good but definitely not all bad.

I can remember koala bears living in the gum trees that surrounded my home and have also witnessed the changes in demographics. From a new suburb filled with young families living and working locally, sending their children to either the local Primary School and the local Catholic school with high students attending, Narrabeen High School, Pittwater High School and when then population was big enough for a new High school Barrenjoey High School.

With a selling period that spans before 1983 I have seen and been involved in many sales transactions from the cheapest to the most expensive, from small studio apartments to waterfront properties to acreages.View # 1 smaller

I know what side of the road is better than others, what views are worth more money and what are the latest trends in buying and selling.

This knowledge gives my clients a special edge as not all Sydney Suburbs are the same and not all houses, or streets are the same, yet buyers tend to have one aspect they each share in common and that is to be educated in the market place to know how to make an informed decision. We understand that this must be delivered.

At Kathryn Hall Real Estate we know our market intimately. We know how the market can change, we understand what are “prime” aspects, which can change making a decision into making an “informed” decision and can assist Buyers to buy the right property at the right informed price.





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Buyers Agency Avalon Beach & Northern Beaches