Moving with small children - have you overlooked one underrated yet important pre-arrival arrangement?

(日本語は英語の後に)Moving with small children

Moving to a new city is an exciting but exhausting event. Surrounded by boxes just arrived in your new home, you don’t know where to start as there are just too many things to get through; bank account, mobile phone, bed linen, utility connection, grocery shopping, just to name a few. It is hard enough on your own but if you are moving with a preschooler, it’s a whole new level of challenge. And any mother with a preschooler would want to get the home in order speedily so they can resume their normal life where they can clean, eat and sleep without hassle.


One underrated key to your successful moving with a preschooler is to pre-arrange a childcare for your little one. Many childcare centres will tell you that you will have to be in Sydney before you can apply. As a relocation agency, we at Kathryn Hall Agency have helped many families in such situation.


When we contact those childcare centres, we generally find that their responses are more positive. Engaging a local company to help you will show them you are definitely moving to Sydney in near future and they are likely to take your inquiry more seriously. While many will still require you to be in Sydney physically, there are some that can secure a spot for your child and accept a deposit before your arrival. Even if you can’t secure a spot pre-arrival, they can tell you what documents you will be required to submit, such as vaccination record in English. There may also be new centres opening up with only a short waitlist but Google will not be picking those up for you while you do your research overseas, only radars of locals catch such information.


So don’t give up if you didn’t go anywhere with your online research and email inquiries. Let us help with your childcare hunting. Leaving your child in a good hand means you can concentrate on your tasks at hand and minimise stress level of both yours and your child’s. The quicker you settle in, the sooner you get to spend quality time with your loved ones.



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Moving with a small child is a challenge

Moving with a small child is a challenge







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Moving with small children - have you overlooked one underrated yet important pre-arrival arrangement?