"Bustamove Removals" got busted with $80,000 fine


According to a recent article of Sydney Morning Herald, it was the biggest fine in the last quarter issued by Fair Trading NSW whom received over 40 complaints about this dodgy removals company in Queensland.


Moving is stressful without any drama...

Moving is stressful without any drama…

The accusations were shocking; loss of items, damaged goods, no receipts, contracts or insurance,  items to arrive late or delivery times changes without notice.  One woman claims that she paid over $10,000 after taking a loan to pay the removalist.  They took the money and “never came anywhere near us”.


As a relocation agency in Sydney, this is especially alarming as we have many intrastate clients who may find their own removalist.  We engage various service providers for our relocation clients, whether it be transporting furniture or child minding or garden maintenance, depending on their needs. It is our practice to check their reputations, other competitors and ask the “right questions” if we have never worked with them before.


If you are engaging a removalist, ask if it is a flat fee or hourly rate.  Check if it costs more with stairs, heavy or bulky items.  Check if the move went over estimated time.   And definitely check whether or not it is a subcontractor who is actually moving your stuff.


In any case, we sincerely hope these service providers do the right thing and if you are moving, we hope you find right people to help because we understand that, without any such dramas, moving can be a stressful event.



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罰金$80,000!悪徳 引っ越し業者にご注意


先日、シドニー・モーニング・ヘラルド紙で消費者から40件を超えるクレームを受け、州に多大な罰金を課された引っ越し業者の記事がありました。荷物の損失・損傷、領収書・契約書・保険もなく、約束した日時に来ない、挙げ句の果てには、事業登録に関しても詐欺があったということです。ローンまでして$10,000 以上も払ったが、その後音沙汰なし、という被害にあった女性もいました。








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"Bustamove Removals" got busted with $80,000 fine