Landscaping trends 2017

What's in and out?

What’s in and out?


The festive season is fast approaching. Sydney-siders love entertaining outdoor and I know that many of you will be contemplating on improving your outdoor spaces before the holidays. So I thought today I would write about landscaping trends.

At Kathryn Hall Agency, we help many international families relocate to Sydney as a relocation agency but our main business is real estate. Whether you are renovating your own home or purchasing a property, understanding what’s “in” and “out” will come handy.

quoteAccording to Sydney’s renowned garden guru, Matt Leacey of Landart Landscapes, outdoor kitchens and detailed concrete floors will continue to be popular in 2017.

Outdoor kitchen, it’s a “must” for some

“An outdoor kitchen can be as simple as some cupboard space and a barbeque with a nice servery. If you wanted to do a bit more, you could look at installing a breakfast bar with some stools around it to make it more social and to create a casual space for breakfast, a cup of tea and reading the paper.”

Detailed concrete work

“Concrete is not only highly durable and relatively low-maintenance, but it is also super versatile and lends itself beautifully to bespoke designs that enhance the individual aesthetics of outdoor areas”, says Matt. With concrete, you can go decorative for an interesting look, or polish for a refined and slick look. It is an effective way to create an impact and add value to your property.

Are we bored of mid blue colour pools?

quote2Matt sees a shift in pool colour choices. “I think we’ll see more Aussies move away from traditional mid bles in terms of pool colour choices, towards white and black pools. A lot of people are hesitant when you mention the prospect of a white or black pool, but more often than not they’ll be surprised when they see how good the pool actually looks”. Black in particular gives elegance and opulence to the pool, according to Matt. He predicts that we will see more of this trend in 2017.

I am no expert in gardens but on top of these trends, personally I’m surprised to see more synthetic grass being used at high-end gardens. And with space getting more and more precious in Sydney, it is safe to say that we will see more of those vertical gardens that are already very popular in both commercial properties as well as private.


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What's in and out?

What’s in and out?










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Landscaping trends 2017