How safe is your suburb?



How safe is your suburb?

How safe is your suburb?

I was looking at the latest NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics & Research reports to put together a graph to compare major crime rates in different Sydney suburbs. Good news is that major crimes such as murders and robberies are on the decline. In fact, some categories are at the lowest recorded levels in over 25 years, including property crimes such as break and enter dwelling and motor vehicle theft.


Did Sydney-siders gradually decide to behave?


Unfortunately, not. While Sydney is generally getting safer statistically, it is alarming that adult prison population is reaching a record high.


At Kathryn Hall Agency, we provide relocation services and many of our clients are from out of Sydney. Many of our expats clients in particular choose either Eastern Suburbs or Northshore to live and it is no coincidence that suburbs listed in rankings such as “most expensive suburbs” or “most desirable suburbs” mostly fall in to these two areas of Sydney.


Woollahra of the East or Mosman of the North – which is safer?


As far as major crimes are concerned, the winner is Mosman. North Sydney, which is not so far from Mosman, boasts prestigious addresses such as Lavender Bay, Macmahons Point or Kirribilli. This is also the area many of our clients want to find a house in. In fact, Lower Northshore sounds so peaceful and glamourous, some people might find it surprising that the crime rates of North Sydney are relatively high.


Thinking of moving to Sydney? Can’t decide where to live? Need more info on safety? We are here to help.


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移住にまつわる様々なサービスを提供するキャサリン・ホール・エージェンシーでは、お客さまの家探しに役立つデータなども分析しています。今日は、NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics & Research という犯罪データを収集・分析する組織から、強盗など重犯罪に関する数字を拾い、グラフにしてみました。
















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How safe is your suburb?