Internet Connection – how “7 days” turned out to be “26 days”


Internet in Australia unfortunately is not something we can boast about. Many of us from developed countries can agree it is not the best here. It is slow and disruptive. Customer service is virtually non-existent. But a recent incident has made me feel thankful that I already have service at my place in Sydney and that I don’t have to go through all that hassle getting a contract etc. again to be connected.

Who is TSA? Telstra contracts a third party with call centers in Philippines.

Who is TSA? Telstra contracts a third party with call centers in Philippines.

Kathryn Hall Agency provides relocation services which means we find our clients a home. But we also give further assistance, if needed, finding a nanny, a housekeeper or enrolling a toddler to daycare, for example. We recently helped our client Erika who signed up for an additional service in connecting internet and utilities after finding a home with us.

Gas and electricity connection was a breeze. The problem was internet.  Most providers will tell you, “Oh, it takes only 5-7 days”. Well, you could be lucky but my advice is don’t believe them entirely.

I went through 2 service providers for Erika, namely Optus and Telstra. These guys are supposed to be big players.  Especially Telstra, whose prices are way above their competitors.  However, I always tolerated Telsra because I thought they have the best customer service. But now I have to review this opinion as my recent experience was a total disaster.

Modem provided by Telstra

Modem provided by Telstra

After giving them all the details such as contact details, date of birth, employment situation, chosen plan, we were given an order number. The person on the phone says we get a confirmation email later. Nothing happens for a week and we give them a call. No one knows what we are talking about. We are on the phone all day trying to figure this out. The phone numbers that show on my mobile is sometimes from Victoria, other times from NSW, and even occasionally from Perth. They even asked what country code it is where I am. I ask them where they are and they tell me they are calling from the Philippines. They decide to start over and place another order. We did this about 4 times and I ran out of patience. I told them we need to get to the bottom of this otherwise we will go somewhere else. Finally they gave us this order number and assured us problems are solved. Wrong. After 5 days, still no email or call from them.  So we call again. Telstra tells us no order number starts with the number we gave them, asking us if it was really with Telstra…

To cut the long story short, one Telstra guy worked it out that it was their outsourcing company called TSA who was not doing the job properly, making numerous orders and canceling them. But does it have to take over 3 weeks for Telstra to figure this out?  It was extremely frustrating.

So welcome to Australia, Erika.  This is how it goes here.   In my opinion, Australian consumers are very understanding and patient. Or I should say, have very low expectations towards these service providers, compared to us coming from the world with more competitions hence, consumers less forgiving. The fact is, it may take more than a few tries to get things done here.  But don’t despair.  Because you will get there eventually and you are definitely not alone. You know you can always come to us for help too.


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ネット接続奮闘記 〜なぜ7日ではなく26日もかかったか〜




ガス・電気の契約はスムーズにいったのですが、インターネットはかなり苦戦。問い合わせた時は5〜7日で接続可能、と言われたのに、実際は26日もかかりました。 Eさんの賃貸物件は、ケーブルの工事がされていないので、電話回線を通してネットを接続するADSLという種類のインターネットが使用可能でした。これは、プロバイダーに住所を伝えて調べてもらいます。



テレストラの携帯は、街中に散在するホットスポット(Telstra Air)につなぐことができて便利。







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Internet Connection – how “7 days” turned out to be “26 days”