How Relocation work is like Matchmaking

This week our relocations agent Min signed the lease with a group household of four students coming to Sydney from interstate and overseas to study at graduate level.


The requirements of the group were simple, a bedroom each, preferably more than one bathroom and within 20 minutes walking distance or less to university. However, having four students living in one house could potentially raise concerns for a landlord or agent, hence their decision to use a Sydney relocation agent.


At Kathryn Hall Relocations we take much more into account. Our agent Min looked at the security of the building and the safety of the neighbourhood for these young women, and took into consideration the different living constraints of a group household, and of having some serious studying going on – would one flatmate be able to have a noisy red wine dinner in the kitchen or watch a movie in the lounge whilst the others were studying for exams or writing essays? Was there somewhere sunny for laundry to dry, as they had no drier yet? To park bikes? What were the parking constraints?


Min knew to look for those things because she takes the time to get to know each client, to understand their lifestyle, and what is important to their happiness in a home – it’s a bit like matchmaking really!


Our students ended up with a modern terrace with four even over sized large bedrooms, two bathrooms, lots of wardrobe space, two living rooms and several balconies and an outdoor space large enough for a table, two instant gas hot water heaters and a sunny clothes line; with a garage – in Newtown – on budget – needless to say our clients are happy and we thrilled we could assist.


Hiring a relocation agent with Kathryn Hall Relocations is like having a good friend in town.









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How Relocation work is like Matchmaking