Guiding Vendors and Buyers through the Process of Selling/Buying a Home on the Northern Beaches


“Different Strokes for Different Folks”

No-one is quite sure where the above phrase originated although the earliest known pop-culture reference is from the song “Everyday People” by Sly and the Family Stone.


The truth is everybody has different tastes and everybody has different ways of doing things. This phrase certainly applies in the world of Real Estate and at Kathryn Hall Real Estate based on the Northern Beaches we appreciate this.


When viewing a property whether it be in Cromer, Dee Why, Narraweena, Collaroy, MonaVale , Avalon or wherever , everybody has a different way of doing things. Whilst some consider a potential property a “Knock Down” others see enormous potential and long to put their own unique stamp on it.


Even when entering a property some people rush in to a property desiring to remain anonymous grudgingly giving their name and address whilst others are quite happy to chat about their lives, their desires and what they are looking for. The former have walls knocked down and floor plans radically changed in minutes whilst the latter group often meander inside, taking time to drink in the serenity and the feel of the place and would stay for hours if given the opportunity.


I love real estate because you get to work with different folks who have different strokes.

People are fascinating and so different!!


Working with people to help them achieve their dreams and desires is part of a real estate agent’s bread and butter. Achieving great results for the vendor whilst placing a buyer in a property that will become a great home for their next season is one of the joys of being a real estate agent.

By Peter Brooks







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Guiding Vendors and Buyers through the Process of Selling/Buying a Home on the Northern Beaches