The Holliday House Investment

Most every week we discuss with potential Sydney buyers of holiday homes which is the right path to follow in regard to renting out the “holiday home” from full time rental versus the weekend and/or holiday rental.

Often we find that owners and future buyers of holiday homes like the idea of having a rental opportunity to help with the mortgage payments, to cover the outgoings and maintenance issues that come with owning a second home.

Holiday rentals and short-term stays are now made easier with Internet platforms and mobile apps such as AirBNB and These platforms allow owners to rent their properties without having the use of a Real Estate Agent and the often high rental commission that is associated with an Real Estate Agency.

However I must comment that there is a need for an agent especially if you are located a long distance from your holiday home or busy with work commitments

One of the main issues that we see on a daily process is that often the holiday home is neglected and that most holiday homes are not always being used on regular basis. It is rare from our experience that “weekenders homes” are used every weekend, especially with families who have weekend sport commitments.

Most buyers we meet are now looking to purchase a second home or a holiday home for the long term, after the children have grown up. Some purchase as a buy now, rent now and then retire and it will be their retirement nest egg. Our last 6 sales of holiday home were representative of this demographic.

We are now seeing a large number of the “Baby Boomers” entering the weekender market. They are showing strong interest in holiday homes located within one to two hours drive from a major city.

These closer locations are proving popular with second home and holiday home buyers and owners who can offer a “3 day package” such as book-in late Friday afternoon and book out late Sunday afternoon.

Short-term holidays and long weekend stays are growing in demand. We are seeing that often the 3 day weekend rental is far more profitable than a full time tenant.

The reasons range from:

  • A moving rental price such high season and low seasons
  • Higher demand means higher rents for the long weekend
  • Better turnover between weekends enables cleaners to clean during the week
  • Owners can book out the weekends they wish to use.

The disadvantages can be best summarised as

  • higher turnover therefore the chance of higher wear and tear
  • finding the best cleaners
  • long weekends are often best cared for by owners rather than agents due to the price of commission

Either way long term or short term it can work have the flexibility and a good rental strategy is the key to success.






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The Holliday House Investment