A Market that sorts out “the men from the boys!” and “the women from the girls!”

Charles Tarbey, Chairman of CENTURY 21 Australia recently commented on radio that we are currently in a true real estate market! He went on to clarify that agents were now entering a market where they would have to work hard to get good sale prices for properties particularly in the light of the existing climate.


As I listened to Charles Tarbey I thought to myself “Nothing has changed for us at Kathryn Hall Agency”


The truth is working hard and producing great results is part of our D.N.A.

Competing with large franchises for the listing of properties has meant that we have always had to be ahead of the game and done our homework thoroughly.


Sloppy research and marketing has never cut it, and nor should it, with Vendors paying substantial professional fees to sell their properties which often represent their greatest resource.


At Kathryn Hall Agency it is a pleasure to work alongside other agents and a principal who has had over 40 years experience. We always go above and beyond to achieve excellent results that often outstrip our competition.


Peter Brooks








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A Market that sorts out “the men from the boys!” and “the women from the girls!”