End of financial year - a letter from my desk

From My Desk …….End of Year Comment

June 30th 2018

First of all I must welcome all our new owners, new tenants, new relocation clients and our new buyers agency clients who we were thrilled to be able to help into their new homes over the last 12 months. The wonderful relationship and friendship we made, truly make it worthwhile.

And to all our owners, sellers and landlords we say “thank you” for your support and confidence you have shown us throughout these 12 months.

Now that the end of financial year is upon us we are busy preparing the end of year financial statements to our landlords providing them with a simple straight-forward statement that will be easy for your accountants and tax reporting

This year has seen a huge growth in my business. Our figures overall are up by 38% which is a delightful surprise. Perhaps it is due to being now in our 8th year of business and the market place realizes that we are here for the long term. All I know is that consistency, being true to our values and a commitment to try to deliver the best service we can to our valued clients is paramount.

I am also very thankful for the great group of people I work with: KImberely, Min, Peter, Yuko, Nathalie and Sissy. For some, the roles have slightly changed. Sissy is spending more time now with project managements (which is her talent and expertise). Peter is working both within and outside our business and Yuko our Japanese representative is taking time out to renovate her family traditional home in Hiroshima.

The market is in a period of transition and change there is no doubt about that. Bank finance is harder to arrange and buyers are being more cautious with their purchasing decisions. However we know people need a roof over their head, want to invest in property, as they know it well, and the rental market is a constant. The parameters have not changed it is just the way the process is perceived.

Of course we are constantly monitoring these changes and we can be of assistance or you have any questions we are here to help and welcome your call

I hope this letter finds you well and again I sincerely wish the best for you in the next coming 12 months.

Until next time…

Kathryn Hall

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End of financial year - a letter from my desk