Buying at Auction - The Buyers Strategy

Auction can be a formidable concept.

The Auction process has a number of goals

  1. To get the property sold within a time frame
  2. To get the property sold at the best price possible
  3. To get the vendor to commit to a sale on a certain date
  4. To get a buyer or a number of buyers bidding for the property

It is the last issue that many buyers fear: the fear of uncertainty and the fear of competition of other buyers and the fear that others bidding will push the price up beyond their own budget.

Bidding at an Auction and bidding strategy is a skill. At Kathryn Hall Real Estate our Agency is experienced with Auctions. In fact we have been involved with selling and buying at auctions for over 42 years.

Buyers who cannot attend the auction often engage us, as they may be overseas, interstate, have work commitments or maybe the buyers is just too overwhelmed by the Auction process or perhaps Auction is new to them.

The service we offer to buyers is a Bidding Service to attend Auctions and bid on behalf of the buyer.

We can also offer a more complex service, which involves inspection, market evaluation, market opinion, arrange building and pest inspection and review the contract for sale.

It is all about the strategy, how to approach the bidding process and at Kathryn Hall Agency we sit down and discuss the best strategy, your price guide and our price expectations with you, the client. We work as a team.

We can arrange to inspect the property as well so we have a better understanding of the property we are bidding on.

Often we know the agents and we know many of the Sydney Auctioneers, which also helps to create the best strategy in order for you to buy that dream property.

You have done all the searching, all the inspections. We can help you with your due diligence and we can keep you informed all along that way and be the successful bidder.


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Buying at Auction - The Buyers Strategy