First Buyer is your Best Buyer

Selling your home in the first 6 weeks is important.

In fact the first 2 weeks the property is on the market are crucial.

You have more chances of selling the property for the highest price in the first 2 weeks.

Why? Let me explain

  1. Statistically buyers need to inspect at least 10 to 15 properties before they make a buying decision.
  2. In these 10 to 15 inspections they may have already seen a property that they really liked but missed out because it sold before they could make a comfortable and informed decision.
  3. Most Agents know these buyers as “hot buyers” and most Buyers Agents know that a hot buyer is the right buyer.
  4. Often it is possible that these “hot buyers” may have missed out on a property so they become keen and very excited when they see something that has just landed on the market place.
  5. These buyers also know what the value is because these buyers of property are looking at every single place within their price range and often slightly above their price range that is for sale.
  6. They recognise a priced property that is realistic and in their budget.
  7. The buyer is the expert. Far more expert than a real estate agent or an owner.
  8. The owner and the real estate agent are in a small bubble of property,the owner only knowing what their real estate agent has sold and most owners only ever experience their now home, very few look at other properties.

If you have a buyer and they offer something close to the asking price, or they place an offer before auction then be aware they are your best buyers.




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First Buyer is your Best Buyer