Get Your Weekends Back – Finding That Suitable Property

House hunting for a dream home is a consuming process. It is consuming on many levels.

Statistics show that buyers need to inspect at least 10 to 15 properties before they can make a buying decision. To actually get to inspect 10 to 15 properties it will enable you to reach a buying decision, this means spending time physically inspecting suitable properties.

“Suitable “ properties are the key. There is a fair amount of hit and miss when looking for a suitable property. The only way you discover what is suitable is to look at the unsuitable properties.

This means weekends, mid week inspections, after work or trying to get an appointment outside the agent’s inspections times that fits your schedule.

Buying property is about being at the right place at the right time. How do you fit this in with work commitments, the school run, the kids after school activities, household chores, family catch ups or even your yoga class? Too bad if the surfs pumping or your tennis/golf club or kids sports have a major game on. You are now on the road as a buyer and to be successful you need to be consumed completely in the process.

Suddenly your weekends are consumed by property inspections, surveys, pest reports, market research, the competition of other buyers and working through the Estate Agent whose responsibility is to the seller not to the buyer.

Weekends can be consumed by the activity of trying to find a home in a complex maze called finding the suitable property and often this is called compromise.

We recently met Anne who wanted to buy a second investment property. Anne already had purchased an investment some 6 years back and had the dream of buying another property for her retirement plan. Anne thought she could buy a second investment property because she already had one. Anne bought the first property she inspected fuelled by the fear that she would miss out. What happened to Anne is that she purchased at the top of the market with no market research, which was a poor choice as an investment. Anne has now placed the property back on the market and will probably sell below what she paid. Anne told us that she was short on time working long hours during the week and that she lived one hour’s drive from the area she wanted to invest in.

Anne has now has now engaged us to find a suitable investment property. We spend the weekends, the week days inspecting properties, researching, looking at comparables, researching the data for rental returns to help her find her a suitable investment property that she can rely on in her retirement years.

As a Buyers Agent we can provide guidance, we pinpoint suitable properties faster, we spend the hours doing the 10 to 15 property inspections to direct you to those suitable properties and we are the gate keepers to help you through the decision making.

A Buyers Agent is there for the buyer not the seller. We let you have your weekends back and for Anne she knows we want her retirement to be fruitful.


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Get Your Weekends Back – Finding That Suitable Property