Moving to Australia is an exciting prospect. We have a vibrant country with Sydney CBD, Sydney suburbs and Sydney metropolitan being located as a coastal environment of beaches, harbours, rivers and mountains to the west.  Sydney is a water- way haven with many national parks and reserves to explore and enjoy.  Kathryn Hall Agency can help with your Relocation.

Our climate reflects the locations and the outdoor lifestyle that can be enjoyed for 12 months of the year.

Understanding the geography and its relationship with the suburbs of this beautiful coastal city is key to finding the right home for your needs; be it work or lifestyle.

Our extensive knowledge of the Sydney Public and Private School systems, the Sydney Rental and Sydney Real Estate Market will make the move Sydney comfortable and stress free.

Sydney is known for its work and business opportunities. A true global city, the centre for the Asia Pacific region and offers diverse cultures with Arts, Theatre, excellent Sporting and Cultural facilities.

Our food is fresh and of the highest quality and caters for a wide variety of different cultures. Australia is a multi- cultural country and Sydney has many diverse cultures.

If you are planning a move from Japan, then let us help you with our Japanese Executive Relocation Specialist to ensure your transition to this beautiful city is as smooth as possible.

Contact us for advice or assistance and let us deliver you to your New Sydney home.


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