Peter Brooks

Sales & Marketing Specialist

A little about me

What is important to me? My first and foremost responsibility is to my family. To be a good provider and to help shape my children’s values.

Pride in my work and connecting with people is a priority for me.

My Strengths:

  • I am an excellent communicator. I listen.
  • My long-term highly developed leadership skills, help facilitate great outcomes.

My Experiences: 30 years in the social welfare sector, within Government and non Government Organizations.

Experiences included fostering/adoption, child at risk prevention; establishing a hostel for the homeless and food care programs both in Australia and England.

I have also had senior roles in faith communities that have led me in initiating projects all over the world.

I am an accomplished presenter and enjoy the opportunity of casting vision and presenting people with a preferable future.

My interest in the housing sector goes way back and the Purchase and Sale of properties is an experience I have personally under taken many times.

I deeply love Australia but have also lived overseas for periods and enjoy finding out about other cultures.

My Likes and Passions: I am passionate about my wife and family and love nothing better than holidaying with them. I have great mates in the Northern Beaches and really enjoying surfing with them, I love reading crime novels and have started writing my own which I hope one day will be published. My strong moral compass and my desire to serve a client 100% comes out of my strong love for people and personal faith.

“My entire working career I have helped facilitate better than expected outcomes”


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