Sissy Katz

Head of Project Management & Buyers Agent Assistant

A little about me

What is important to me: My family who live in so many different parts of the world including New York, South Africa and Australia and my 7 gorgeous grandchildren.

I care about my clients and being an effective agent to negotiate a successful outcome for all parties

Achieving the best results possible and pride in what I do

What are my strengths: Extensive background in project management and real estate development
Keen eye for building opportunities
A good communicator, energetic, determined and emphatic

My experience: Over 25 years in real estate development including refurbishments, interiors and sourcing property
Runs project management team
Successful career in value adding in real estate
Sissy knows Sydney

Likes & Passions: Good food, the design element and art lover.
Getting together with my family for a good meal and spending time with good friends


29 Park Avenue, Avalon Beach NSW 2107